Older adults realize physical and mental health benefits from Pilates

Older adults can enjoy mental and physical benefits from Pilates, an exercise that incorporates the health benefits of yoga and weight training with simple routines.

How to start a community fundraiser for breast cancer

Did you know you can organize and implement a community fund raiser to fight breast cancer? Here's a quick guide to the steps you need to take.

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The Giving Quilt

Thanksgiving inspires generosity once a year, but what happens to the spirit of giving on the other 364 days? This fall, New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Chiaverini offers The Giving Quilt, an affecting novel that imagines what good could come from practicing the holiday spirit year round.

Beginning falconry requires important paraphernalia

If you want to take up falconry as a hunting sport or hobby, there is an important list of equipment you need along with required permits and training. Here’s a short list of paraphernalia used in falconry training.

Explore environmental volunteer opportunities as a way to share your love of nature

With more time on your hands, share your love of nature through environmental volunteer opportunities. Teach at a children education center or go on an environmental volunteer vacation.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 5?

Deciding to buy iPhone 5 is a good choice if you use smartphone apps and abilities. It's expensive if you just make and receive calls, only.

Feeding the kid inside: 5 low impact games you can play with the grandkids

Ideas for some fun, low impact games to play with your grandkids that they will enjoy and that can feed the kid inside of you, too.

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50 Plus October issue is ready to be viewed.

50 Plus October issue 2012

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50 Plus or Better Expo

Don't forget to be a part of the 50 Plus of Better Expo at Southridge Mall. October 25th • 9am-2pm

Passing down your skills: How to volunteer your dance floor skills to the young

If you enjoy dancing, share those dance floor skills with the young. You can participate in community service opportunities as a dance teacher.

The Arts: Important to Our Communities and Our Schools

The arts are a vital part of our community. Besides being there for entertainment purposes, the performing and visual arts unlock our imaginations and stir us to pause, think and reflect.

The benefits of core strength from Pilates

Pilates is a low impact exercise routine that focuses upon strengthening your core muscle strength. Benefit from Pilates to improve posture and reduce potential for injuries.

Meet some of Miller Park's unsung heroes

In the old 1948 movie, “The Naked City,” the narrator tells of how there are a million stories in New York. Well, there may not be anywhere near that many in Miller Park where the Brewers play, but there are quite a few, to be sure. Here are just two of them.

How to volunteer for a runaway kids hotline

Our kids are the future and when they run away, they'll be needing help to show them that adults are not all bad. Here's how you can volunteer to help.

Low impact senior boot camp exercises

Seniors don't need dangerous high impact exercises. Here's how you can turn ordinary boot camp exercise into low impact activity that works for seniors.