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How Financially Savvy Is Your Teenager?

A recent financial literacy test administered by the Program for International Student Assessment should be a wake-up call for American parents. In this first-of-its-kind international assessment released in July 2014 and given to 29,000 15-year-olds from 18 countries, U.S. teens fell below half of their peers.

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BBB says: Shop Wisely for Back to School Items

It’s that time of year again – School supplies, school clothes, electronics, shoes and much more will be purchased this month and these items can get costly. One third of these purchases will most likely occur through shopping “online.” Families can prepare to spend on average about $700 to get their children ready for the new school year.

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Toll Roads? Will states' drivers pay for highways?

Federal highway officials want to allow states to impose tolls on existing interstate highways to help pay for repairs. It could be an attractive idea in Wisconsin where the state is facing a $680-million transportation hole in the next biennial budget.

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Preventing Identity Theft

It’s natural to be nervous about your credit when you see more news about breaches at major retailers in the headlines every day. Now, even some processors for major hotel chains are reporting breaches.

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Ellenbecker Discusses Need for Beneficiaries

How should I designate beneficiaries on my accounts? When it comes to avoiding a major headache for your beneficiaries and maintaining your personal wishes, naming beneficiaries and reviewing your estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take.

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Realities of delayed retirement are changing the national employment picture

More people are working later in their lives than ever before. Once, it may have been a common dream to reach retirement age and enjoy the freedom of an unfettered life.

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Debt: Pay Down Or Save For Retirement?

There are a variety of approaches to paying off your debt, many of which help to save money and shorten the length of debt payments in the long run.

Controversial tax break is called "very generous"

The new state income-tax deduction for parents of private school children is the most generous in the nation, according to Governing Magazine, a respected national publication covering state and local government.

The best free personal finance software programs online

There are numerous efficient online personal finance software options to track, plan and monitor your income and spending.

The pros and cons of the lump sum pension

A lump sum pension choice gives you more flexibility, but also comes with more risk than receiving monthly retirement checks for life.

Retirees want to find states that do not tax Social Security benefits

Many retirees consider moving to a different state when they retire so their Social Security income is not included in state income taxation. Understanding which states tax this income can be important to older adults.

The pros and cons of index investing

Index fund investing is one of the safest forms of investment you can make. Like any investment strategy, there are pros and cons to be considered.

Important 5 questions for older job applicants to ask a employer

Older workers need not fear salary negotiations because they have valuable experience and qualifications to sell to a potential employer. Start planning in advance with 5 questions to ask.

It seems the estate tax will return with a vengeance in 2013

If Congress doesn't act soon, January 2013 will see the estate tax – the death tax – come roaring back to live with huge impact on those with estates valued at just $1 million.

Don’t panic if you accidentally overpay a bill online

If you overpay a bill online, correct it if you can; otherwise take action to avoid penalties and bounced checks that can affect your credit record.